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All Japanese Pass Review

All Japanese Pass Review

All Japanese Pass – The Kinky Side Of Japan

All Japanese Pass is the place where you go when the urge for Japanese ladies kicks in. This is one of the largest and most trustworthy networks on the web when it comes to Japanese porn. All Japanese Pass is a network with 24 websites, each featuring a different collection of authentic Nippon porn on a different niche. The site launched in 2010 and everything you see on it is produced in Japan, which is the reason for which the content is censored. But the action is hot enough to make you forget about the fact that you won’t have clear view over the hairy lady parts of these cuties. The content library of this site is huge, which is mainly because most of the sites in the network are uploaded every day. On top of an impressive collection, All Japanese Pass is also assuring an optimal user experience. Their sites work well on both computer and mobile devices, offering a clean interface with an appealing design and useful navigation and browsing tools, including an advanced search feature, thing that’s rarely seen on other porn sites. When you want authentic Japanese porn, with all the kinkiness that comes with it, this network is one of the best places for you.

All Japanese Pass VIDEOS

Video Library – Tons of Kinky Japanese Sex

Since it incorporates videos from 24 websites, the general porn collection of the All Japanese Pass network is pretty huge. The content is not exclusive, most of it being extracts from Japanese porn DVDs, but this is the easiest and cheapest way you can watch this much Japanese porn. The collection is divided into 50 categories of porn, going from regular ones to really kinky ones, such as fisting, bukkake, bondage, toys, race queen, group sex, footjob, double penetration and exhibitionism. Overall, the combined collection of all the porn sites in this network will bring you 28,925 scenes, going from 20 minutes to over 2 hours. The movies of this network can be streamed online or downloaded in your personal collection with no daily, weekly or monthly limits. Being an original Japanese collection, most of the genitals in these videos are censored. There are only a few uncensored videos in the library, but after all, no one watches Japanese porn to see the pussies and cocks of the performers.



Porn Stars – Oriental Babes with Geisha Sex Skills

In a country like Japan where people live their lives according to a strong morality code and family values, it should be hard to find chicks who are libertine enough to star in adult movies and choose a porn career. However, there are plenty of them out there, from all age groups and body types. You can have a great variety of sexy Japanese babes with All Japanese Pass, as the offer 2600 girls in their porn star index. And these girl are nothing but cum drawing. From teens to MILFs and Cougars, babes of all ages perform in this collection. What impressed me is the number of curvy girls, with big boobs and huge asses, that’s featured on All Japanese Pass. If you are familiar with the Japanese porn scene, you might recognize in this collection JAV babes such as Maho Itchikawa, Maria Ozawa or Ichika Kuroki.


300+ Scenes


180+ Scenes


180+ Scenes


90+ Scenes


160+ Scenes


150+ Scenes


140+ Scenes


80+ Scenes

All Japanese Pass PHOTOS

Photos – Splendid Porn Pictures with Japanese Babes

The photo galleries of this site are pretty cool, since they come with high resolution images and the possibility of both viewing them online or downloading them. However, I must speak the truth here. Although the network offers about 8,000 galleries, the majority of them are featuring only screen caps. You will only get about 513 true galleries for the moment, with 40 to 60 photos each, most of which are featuring threesomes, gang bangs and bukkake action. What is cool about these 500+ galleries is the fact that nothing is censored in them. You will get to see up-close photos of true Japanese pussy with fresh cum dripping out of it. The galleries can be downloaded as .zip files and each of them comes with an English description to put you in the story behind the action.

All Japanese Pass Extras

All Japanese Pass Extras

Extras – What’s Different about All Japanese Pass

If you bought memberships on other networks and sites in the mainstream porn world before, you might know so far that most of the sites don’t have advanced search features. However, All Japanese Pass has one and it comes in real handy, both because you can browse the collection based on the categories you’re interested in. With the advanced search tool you can also select if you want the results to display censored or uncensored movies. The second extra feature of this network that I want to mention is the discounts page. All Japanese Pass has a bunch of trusted members and they can offer you great discounts to many kinky sites and networks if you choose to join them. Amongst the sites on the discount page you can find: Ass Traffic, Perfect Gonzo, Nuru Massage, Emo Punk Porn and even a month free on Life Selector, the best interactive porn website on the web.

All Japanese Pass SubSites

All Japanese Pass SubSites

Subsites – 24 Collections in One Deal

With All Japanese Pass, you will get access on 24 different sites with different themes and collections. However, all the content from these sites will be accessible from the browsing page of the home site. The themes of these sites are diverse and based on what western men usually look for when it comes to Japanese porn. So we have a site dedicated to shaved pussies, one for 18+ years old schoolgirls from Tokyo, and another one for all the weird sexual things from the Japanese porn industry, one for JP MILFs, one for cosplay and so on. What I like about this network is that they only feature 3 sites with less than 100 videos. The majority of sites have between 500 and 1,500 videos, with one site, Idols69 that features 12,471 videos, which is even more than the overall collection of some American networks.


All Japanese Pass DISCOUNT

All Japanese Pass DISCOUNT

Price – For This Much Porn Is Almost Free

For the price of one, you will get access to 24 sites, so I think the offer is pretty generous. One month of access on this network costs $39.95, which might be a bit more than what sites usually charge, but remember that this is a network, with tons of exotic content. However, we can save you some money if you join the network directly from our site, because we managed to get a discount and you’ll end up paying just $19.95 for a month of access. You can also save money if you choose the multi months memberships. The 3 months option on the site costs $59.95 while the 12 months one is $116.95, which means only $9 per month, paid in one installment.

Latest Scenes from All Japanese Pass

Latest Scenes from All Japanese Pass

Latest Updates – Cool Variety, But Not Exclusive

As mentioned before, the scenes of this network are not exclusive, as they are cutouts from Japanese porn DVDs. However, the upload is still made regularly and the newest scenes in the video library are too cool not to be mentioned in this review. The very last one is featuring a fantasy in which all of us indulge, teacher sex. Not only that the video brings us a hot Japanese teacher in a sexy suit, but this chick is also wearing glasses and she keeps them on up until the end of the video. The video before this one is a cool girlfriend experience scene in which you can enjoy in POV how obedient and open for kinkiness the Japanese girls really are. The last upload we’ll cover here brings you Japanese BDSM, which is absolutely stunning. The busty porn star featured in it has a cool leather and chains costume with a collar around her neck. This is the kind of porn that’s uploaded on a regular basis on All Japanese Pass.



Conclusion – Should You or Should You Not?

There are many things that you will like about this network, including the size of their collection and the naughtiness of some movies. However, there are also things that aren’t quite attractive, like censorship on genitals and the small number of real photo galleries. But at the end of analyzing things, I reached the conclusion that even with its flaws, the content of this network is just way too awesome and for me personally, the All Japanese Porn is totally an option, so you should definitely join the fun.




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