J Cosplay Review

Jcosplay – Suit Up and Ready To Fuck

Cosplay seems so new and trending in the US and Europe, but in Japan they do it since a long time ago. Of course we had our share of maid and police costumes, but the Japanese porn industry was the first one to introduce pop culture costumes in their porn. Basically, the most popular and slightly erotic characters from their anime became the first real cosplay materials. If you are not an otaku, it might be hard to understand which characters are these babes cosplaying, but the action is nevertheless hot and kinky. As for the action, everything goes on this site. The collection of this site is full on hardcore Japanese porn in sexy costumes. The collection is mostly boy/girl scenes, with lots of kinks including pantyhose, oiled up sex, cumshots, facials, anal, both female and male domination, but you will also find several threesomes and gangbangs.